architecturally design open trusses


Ascent Group is excited to learn about your business to develop commercial designs and details that meet your long term goals. Understanding your business is our first step in tailoring our engineering design to the unique requirements and budget of your project.

Depending on your particular needs our focus can be:

  • Primarily oriented to provide the most economical and efficient construction
  • Aligned to facilitate future expansion or change in use
  • Molded to include unique structural solutions to support enticing architectural features

Our commercial capabilities include leisure, retail, office, healthcare, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, office buildings, warehouses, medical centers, hospitals, nursing homes and multi-family housing buildings. Economical construction and long lasting, low maintenance details are important design goals of this type of building construction.

front view of a custom home in a mountain setting, well lite entry, snow in front.


Our vast experience in the residential building market allows us to:

  • Provide straight-forward and economical designs for our production, semi-custom and custom home builder clients
  • Deliver personalized service for the specific needs of our custom residential clients to create their dreams while maintaining their budget
  • Help homeowners remodel and provide additions to their homes
  • Provide assessments to determine causes of and repair methods on problems with the existing structure or foundation of a home

We provide structural construction documents that specify the structural requirements of the project but still allow the builder to construct the building using their proven construction practices and techniques. We use the inherent elements of the home to most efficiently support the framing and resist the lateral forces without calling for unnecessary additional structural components.

Golden Colorado public works building pictured in the evening


We know how to work with the unique requirements of the local, state and federal jurisdictions. Although all projects need to meet these fundamental requirements, governmental projects don’t have the flexibility inherent with private projects. In order to meet the needs of the client on these types of projects it’s critical to provide the deliverables on the predetermined schedule, create a design that allows for the project to be completed within the confined budgetary constraints and develop complete construction documents to avoid unnecessary change orders and costs increases.

We have provided many different types of structural services to these governmental groups including:

  • Facility assessments
  • Conceptual design reports
  • Building information modeling of existing facilities
  • New facilities and additions
  • Change in use
  • Mechanical upgrades
  • Specification creation
  • Estimates of probably construction costs
  • bidding assistance
  • Construction Administration services
  • Recored as-built document creation
New underground terminal of Union Station


Our curiosity and intrigue related to structural engineering knows no bounds. Ascent Group enjoys researching and examining unique structures and structural systems. We have the knowledge and expertise to meeet the unique design challenges often involved in specialty structures.

We have provided consulting, designs and construction documents for several different types of these projects including:

  • Steel connection design
  • Swimming pool and spa shell structures
  • Art sculptures
  • Structural glass
  • Glass curtain wall systems
  • Cold-formed framing curtain walls and suspended ceilings
  • Mechanical support structures
  • Support of speciality industrial equipment
  • Theater rigging
Industrial equipment installation with mechanical ductwork


Ascent Group enjoys learning about the unique requirements of the processes and manufacturaing systems inherent in light industrial projects. Understanding these particular requirements is vital to providing the structure that meets the needs of the client as these type of projects often have special structural requirements. We have coordinated the unique structural requirements for new facilities and remodels for:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical manufacturing facilities
  • Breweries
  • Marijuana growing and extraction facilities
Helical pier installed on existing foundation.


Ascent Group’s vast experience with the different building materials, various structural types and alternate methods of construction provides us with the foundation and knowledge to review, assess and evaluate just about any type of existing structures.

We have provided:

  • Existing condition assessments and modernization feasibility studies on large federal facilities
  • Residential reviews to evaluate distress to foundations and offer professional opinions on other structural irregularities
  • Structural repair documents for facility building engineers, contractors and homeowners